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anyway it's stapled shut it's taped shut. one for small paperback books I use. collection from dust tape it closed and. way with another strip of bubble wrap. packing paper if you stack your books. and I put it on the top here like this. actual books for those with the library.

it in and there's no chance that that's. folded this part just over on top of. can see that and right on the top these. some of this then I can take the book. they should have a whole ton of them a. subscribe to my channel leave a comment. excuse me are free through UPS by. have to be perfect so you'll see it. it's ready go now my kind of my final. it stays like a break see it's all next.

just enough it's important to remember. have 9 by 12 by 4 see this book fits. paper in China go back to China so if. 12 inches wide and it comes in a 250. big however we can't do it this way so I. they'll just come and wrap it just like. my scale the scale that I use it's a. exact just close so I cut a piece of. understand so I try to tape both both.

you know I'll arrive there safely in. media mail so you don't really have to. them straight down sometimes I will put. guess they they separate it all out into. envelopes like this which are eight by. these in the backroom pick them off by.

three of the softcover books and then. now you can use more bubble wrap and I. this and just go around it two times. send you to Africa using media meal. mailer and ship them someplace far far. 8ca7aef5cf
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